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Nouveau Classic

The furniture presented in this catalogue use European woods selected by its qualities and characteristics to create pieces in the style of Louis VX, Louis VXI, Directoire and Louis Phillippe.  We use color pallets and finishing materials that follow the current trends. We also use patterns with strips, chess and other geometries, creating lines that are gentle and harmonious what will give the feeling of comfort and well-being to the space that will be placed in.


The furniture presented in Plaisance Contemporain Catalogue’s follow the most known trends around the world, such trends include revivalist lines, reflecting the slim and smooth design, creating an elegant ambience. The finishes can be so free and creative as we can imagine. That said, we can imagine the glass, metal, stainless steel, marble, ceramic… and of course the wood that complement each other in such a perfection, allowing us to develop unique pieces of modern furniture.


In this catalog series (“Nouveautés 20xx”) we gather together all the new pieces created along the year. The objective of this catalogue is to present the costumer with our most recent products before merging it into a main Catalogue.


Plaisance’s Marquetry, reproduces the high prestige models of vintage inlaid art in accordance with the rules of French Art. The main purpose is to reproduce elegant high end furniture with selected wood like rosewood, violet wood, ash wood, boxwood, olive wood and walnut wood, we can see materials like marble and brass(…). The finishes can be lacquered and tinted woods and on top of it a cover of shellac.