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Living room decorated with Plaisance Classic Furniture

Nouveau Classique

The furniture presented in this catalogue is made with European woods selected for their qualities and characteristics to create pieces in the styles of Louis LXV, Louis LXVI, Directoire, and Louis Phillippe. We use color palettes and finishing materials that follow the current trends. We are also able to paint our furniture with geometrical patterns, creating gentle and harmonious traces that will give the feeling of comfort and well-being to the space that it will be placed in.


The furniture presented in the Plaisance Signature Catalogue follows the most current trends around the world. Such trends include revivalist lines, which reflect slim and smooth design while creating an elegant atmosphere. The finishing can be as free and creative as we can imagine. That said, we can imagine the glass, metal, stainless steel, marble, ceramic, and of course, the wood that complement each other to such perfection, allowing us to develop unique pieces of modern furniture.

Clipper & Steamer

The Clipper & Steamer Collection brings a sea breeze to furniture. This travel furniture that combines design and functionality is made of australia, a dense wood that allows glossy rosewood or walnut color finishes. Each piece is stamped “Clipper & Steamer” and has specific hardware and accessories. Nowadays, this style of furniture fits into any environment. It will allow you to use its fine lines in many ways, to live comfortably in a timeless style.

Living room decorated with Plaisance Clipper Steamer
Five elements Sevilla composition

Modular elements

The Éleménts Composables Catalogue is the Plaisance catalogue that brings together all existing modular compositions, whether they are contemporary or classical. The purpose is to allow the customer to customize each modular composition. It describes each element in detail, and in this way, any bookcase can be easily created for each desired space.